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Visa Invitation Letter

Visa information & OkIP Invitation Letter

The organizers of OkIP Conferences encourage you to familiarize yourself with Visa and travel requirements well before the conference. 


Visa Waiver Program among Certain Countries

The Visa Waiver Program allows citizens of 38 participating countries to visit the United States without a visa for less than 90 days if they meet the program’s requirements. Travelers using the Visa Waiver Program must also have valid Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) approval before traveling. Information about the Visa Waiver Program, including a list of the 38 participating countries and program requirements, can be found on the US Department of State’s website.


Attending an OkIP Conference in the United States



OkIP cannot intervene with US Embassies or consulates abroad or with the US State Department on behalf of any committee member or attendee.



Please note that this content is for general information purposes only. While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, regulations may change. The only authoritative sources on US visas are US government websites.


US Visas

As you know, the requirements for travel to the United States constantly change. The links below can connect you to the latest US Government Visa information. We urge everyone that requires a Visa to travel to the US to apply for the Visa as early as possible. Be accurate and specific in completing your application. Please read the following information carefully.


Invitation Letters

If you require a letter of invitation for your visa application, please submit a request for a letter of invitation. At least one of the following criteria must be met to honor the demand for an invitation letter. The requesting party must either:

  • Be an author of an accepted submission (oral presentation, poster presentation, panel member) and have paid, in total, all the applicable registration fees for the category of your participation.
  • Be a scientist, professional, or student in the field(s) of OkIP conferences and have paid, in total, all the applicable registration fees for your participation.
  • Representing an organization and have paid, in total, all the applicable registration fees for exposition or showcase fees.


Note that we cannot provide visa letters for spouses, family members, or guests.


Invitation Letter Application


Email us (info@okipublishing.com) the following:

  • Title: 
  • First Name: Middle Name: Last Name: 
  • Email: Organization/Institution:
  • Telephone: WhatsApp Phone:
  • City: State/Region: Country
  • Joining for: [Oral, Poster, Invited Talk, Delegate, Expo…]
  • Abstract Title (if presenter):
  • OkIP Conference(s):
  • Attach a copy of your registration.
  • Attach your scan copy of your Passport.


Visa Application Process


What type of Visa?

There are several steps for applying for a business visa (category B-1), allowing visitors to travel to the United States to attend a scientific conference. These steps include completing an online nonimmigrant visa application, scheduling and attending a visa interview, providing appropriate documentation, and paying a visa application fee and visa issuance fee, if applicable. Please visit the US Department of State’s website for complete information on applying for a visitor visa. Because the visa process involves multiple, time-consuming steps, you must apply for your Visa well before your OkIP conference date.


Set Up Your Visa Interview

Suppose you are not eligible to travel under the Visa Waiver Program. In that case, you may be required to appear at a US embassy or consulate for an in-person interview before visa approval. There may be long waits to schedule a consultation, so start the application process as early as possible.


Tips for Successful US Visa Applications

  • Have a valid passport.
  • You must complete an online nonimmigrant visa application (Form DS-160).
  • Visa applicants are expected to provide evidence that they intend to return to their country of residence. 
  • Applicants should provide proof of “binding” ties to their residence abroad, such as documentation of the following: family ties in their home country or country of legal permanent residency, property ownership, bank accounts, employment contract, or statement from employer showing that position will continue after the visit to the United States.
  • Visa applications are more likely to be successful in a visitor’s home country than in a third country.
  • During their visa application, applicants should present their entire trip itinerary, including travel to any country other than the United States.
  • Include specific and detailed explanations related to your purpose for travel. Example: Copy of your OkIP Letter of Invitation.
  • Provide specifics on how the applicant will cover travel and local expenses.
  • If completion of travel plans is contingent upon early approval of the visa application, specify this at the time of the application; and
  • Provide proof of professional scientific or educational status (students should provide a university transcript).
  • Provide proof of an existing relationship with your inviter, OkIP, or other US entities. Example: Copy of your OkIP Conference registration.
  • Note: The proof of purchase of an airline ticket differs from an item the embassy requested to document your trip itinerary. No assurances regarding the issuance of visas can be given in advance, so the purchase of a non-refundable airline ticket should be made after a Visa has been issued and you own a passport.



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