In response to COVID-19, most meetings and conferences are still taking place virtually with only limited in-person meetings which comply with local public health instructions for social distancing. Meeting or conference organizers will provide participants with detailed information about their methods of delivery and attendance modes.
Oct 2 – 5, 2023 Event Proposal
Tiako Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA and Online
UTC timezone
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The 2023 OkIP AIC  Organizing Committee invites proposals for events (Invited Technical Sessions, Workshops, Panels) to be held in conjunction with the 2023 OkIP technical conferences.

The conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds to emphasize the dissemination of ongoing research and development in the field.

Areas of interest, with an incomplete list below, include those listed in the 2023 OkIP technical conferences tracks.

>>> Automated and Intelligent Systems (CAIS):
1) AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Applications
2) Agent-based, Automated, and Distributed Supports
3) Intelligent Systems and Applications
4) Knowledge-based and Control Supports
5) Robotics and Vehicles

>>> Software Engineering Research & Development (SERD)
1) General and Social Aspects of SE
2) Software Design, Testing, Evolution, and Maintenance
3) Service Orientation and Human Interactions
4) AI/ML, Web-Based Environments, and Adaptive Systems
5) Emerging SE Technologies and Dependability
6) Distribution, Componentization and Collaboration

>>> Cloud Computing and Technologies (CCCT):
1) Cloud Concepts
2) Applications and Services
3) Security/Privacy/Compliance
4) Platform/Provisioning/Storage
5) Infrastructure/AI/ML in the Cloud

>>> Data Technology and Engineering (CDTE):
1) Data Concepts
2) Data Analytics and Processing
3) Databases
4) AI/ML in Data and Big Data
5) Data and Databases Applications
6) Data and Legal Issues

>>> Electronic Commerce and Applications (CECA):
1) eCommerce(EC) Concepts
2) EC Collaborative Approaches
3) eCommerce Transations
4) AI/ML in ECommerce
5) EC Security
6) EC Legal and Global Issues
7) EC Applications

>>> Learning and Technology in Education (CETE):
1) Learning and eLearning Concepts
2) AI/ML in eLearning
3) Learning Support Services
4) Content and Delivery Methods
5) Delivery Platforms and Tools
6) Cases, Education/Administration
7) Facilities and Equipment

>>> Enterprise and Software Process (CESP):
1) Agile, Hybrid and Traditional Process
2) Model, Method, Standard, and Architecture
3) AI/ML and Knowledge Management Process
4) Process, Application, and Tool
5) Human Factors and Communication Technology

>>> Green Research & Technology (CGRT):
1) Green Generation/Management
2) Sustainable Designs/Innovations
3) Smart Systems/Infrastructures
4) Legal/Social/Economic Issues
5) Green IT/Computing
6) Biomedical/Biotechnology
7) Forecasting/Water/Sanitation
8) AI/ML for Sustainability

>>> Health Information Technology (AHIT):
1) HIT Concepts and Design
2) AI/ML in Health
3) Health Safety, Data, and Security
4) HIT Systems and Applications
5) HIT Regulation and Legal Issues

>>> High-Performance Computing (AHPC):
1) HPC Concepts
2) Parallel Computing
3) Mobile & Wireless Computing
4) Network Architecture/System
5) HPC AI/ML/Simulation/Security
6) HPC Applications

>>> Information Security and Assurance (AISA):
1) Information Security(IS) Modeling and Design
2) AI/ML in Security
3) Security and Distributed Systems
4) Wireless and Digital Forensics
5) IA and Information Warfare
6) IS & Information Assurance (IA) Applications
7) IS & IA Policy and Legal Issues

>>> Power and Energy (CAPE):
1) Energy Generation/Storage
2) Power/Energy Systems
3) Grid & Electrical Vehicle
4) AI/ML in Power/Energy
5) Renewable/Sustainable Energy




Tiako Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA and Online
1911 Linwood Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73106


The call for abstracts is open
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