In response to COVID-19, most meetings and conferences are still taking place virtually with only limited in-person meetings which comply with local public health instructions for social distancing. Meeting or conference organizers will provide participants with detailed information about their methods of delivery and attendance modes.
Oct 3 – 6, 2022 Convention
Tiako Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA and Online
UTC timezone

Submission Instructions


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Recommended Practices to Ensure Conference Content Quality

OkIP fully adheres to Recommended Practices to Ensure Conference Content Quality. "These recommended practices have been developed (by Elsevier, IEEE, and IET) to provide guidelines that will help maintain an equitable balance of the interests of all participants in ensuring high quality, scholarly conference proceedings content." We need your help to serve as a reviewer and help us comply with the above recommendation for conference content quality.

Presentation and Publication

  • Each speaker should only present one Proposal. The same speaker may present two papers only by conference organizers' approval in exceptional circumstances.
  • All accepted peer-reviewed proposals will be published in the conference proceedings and the conference book of abstracts.
  • All selected proposals will be published in the conference book of abstracts.

Submission Format and Page Count

  • Submissions must be uploaded in MS Word or PDF formats by the due date. OkIP will accept all reasonable typesetting formats for your initial submission. The words count of your paper will depend on the number or size of your tables, figures, and equations. With the OkIP standard, a 10-page count contains about 4500 to 5000 words. A 6-page count contains about  2500 to 3000 words. A 3-page count contains about 1000  to 1200 words. 
  • The camera-ready version of your final paper is the one-column format to accommodate the growing range of e-reader devices.

  • When necessary, orient your figures, tables, and equations horizontally to save space and reduce your page count.

Contribution Types

We are using the terms "Contribution" "Track"... to accommodate the current limitations of this submission platform.

Technical Contribution (Scientific Conferences)

Research and Industry Technical contribution types:

  • Full Paper*: Accomplished research results (10 pages, with a maximum of 4 extra paid pages)
  • Short Paper*: Work in progress/fresh developments (6 pages)
  • Abstract/Poster/Journal First*: For peer-review (3 pages)
  • Abstract/Poster**: For selection (3 pages)

* Proposal for peer-reviewing

** Proposal for selection without peer-reviewing

Professional Contribution

Professional Event Organization  -Workshop, Tutorial, Forum & Panel contribution types:

  • Symposium, Workshop, Tutorial & Panel: Proposal (6 pages)
  • Executive Forum, Panel & Talk, Technical Tour: Proposal (3 pages)
  • Keynote Speaker, Guest Speaker: Description (3 pages)

Educational Contribution

Student/Recruiter Proposals  -Student Poster & Career Fair contribution types:

  • Graduate & Doctoral: Poster proposal for selection (3 pages)
  • Undergraduate/High School: Poster proposal for selection (3 pages)
  • Recruiter Booth: Product/Service & Job offerings (3 pages)

Exposition Contribution

Exposition -Trade Show, Exhibition, Sponsoring contribution types:

  • Booth: Display product or service offerings (3 pages)
  • Oral: Present product or service offerings (3 pages)
  • Sponsorship: Type and nature of the event to be supported (3 pages)

Social Contribution

Social Event Organization in Hotel, Indoor, Outdoor, Virtual contribution types:

  • Eating: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Reception Proposal (3 pages)
  • Discovering: Tour, Hiking, Fishing, Walking Proposal (3 pages)
  • Entertainment: Open/Cash Bar, Music, Party Proposal (3 pages)

How to Submit a Proposal
To submit a proposal, first create an account by clicking on "Login" in the upper right corner of this web page and choosing "If you do not have an Indico account yet, you can create one here."

Once you are registered and logged in, use the "Initial Submission" menu to upload your Proposal using the required* or optional field below the abstract submission form.

Please be sure to read the link "submission instructions" at the top of the "Initial Submission" page of the conference and labeled "Please don't forget to read the submission instructions before submitting an abstract." You will find detailed information on contribution types and page limits in that link.

Title*: Enter the title of your Proposal.

Content*: Enter the abstract of your Proposal. It should be 150-200 words. 

Contribution type*: Select the type of your contribution: Technical, Professional as detailed above.

Authors*: List all your co-authors, including selecting a potential speaker or presenter.

Comment: Make an optional comment for the conference organizers.


For Technical contribution of type "Full Paper" or "Short Paper."
Submit your abstract without any attachment at this point. Allow the conference organizers two to three days to pre-review and approve your abstract before being notified and invited by email to upload your paper.

Once your abstract has been accepted, you will have to log in again. On the "Paper Peer Reviewing" page, download and use the correct template corresponding to your contribution page limit. You will then find a menu entry called "Paper Peer Reviewing." Please upload your contribution there.

For all other contribution types
Feel free immediately, in addition to your text Abstract, to make any attachment susceptible to support your contribution.


Submitters of Technical contributions must select an appropriate conference track for their submission. A proposal can be submitted to one track only, excluding "Other Conference Tracks or Activities." Carefully consider the track to which you wish to submit your paper - submitting to the wrong track will slow down the peer-reviewing process.

All other submitters must select only the track "Other Conference Tracks or Activities."

Preferred Mode of Participation*:

Should your Proposal is accepted, select your preferred mode of participation: "Face-to-Face" or "Online"

Please carefully read Abstract Submission Guidelines before submitting your abstract.

To submit your abstract, click "Submit new abstract" below.

If the button "Submit new abstract" at the bottom does not work, please use a browser other than Internet Explorer.

Once a submission is completed, the submitter, authors, and co-authors will receive a confirmation notification at the email addresses registered on this platform. The submission can be found at the bottom of the "Pre-Submit Abstract" page.

To make changes to your submitted abstract, scroll down on this page, where you will find your submitted abstract(s). Click on the title of your abstract, which will take you to the detail of your submission. To the right of your abstract title, click the Pencil icon (next to "Withdraw"). Once updates have been made, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Preferred Mode of Participation*: 

Please select your preferred mode of participation if attending "Face-to-Face" or attending over the Internet "Online."